Financial Consulting Agreement Template

This agreement is intended to govern the business relationship between [Sender.Company] and [Client.Company]. [Sender.Company] [Client.Company] will provide financial advisory services for the duration of the agreement, in accordance with the prices and conditions listed below. G. Regular reports on developments in general financial markets and public securities markets and the industry that may be of interest to the client or the client`s business. By signing below, both parties agree to apply and terminate the full terms of this contract until the expiry or otherwise by both parties. PandaTip: If you intend to offer additional services under the terms of this Agreement, be sure to add them to the model in this section. This document represents the entire agreement between the client and the advisor. Other written or oral agreements, promises or agreements are not respected by the client and the advisor when signing this financial advisory agreement. If one of the parties is to take legal action to enforce this agreement or to remedy the violation by the other party, the party in such a court proceeding is entitled to full reimbursement of all legal fees, including legal costs incurred during those proceedings and proceedings. After careful consideration and in-depth discussions and negotiations between clients and consultants and their advisors, the Client accepts that the consideration described above cannot be repaid if it is received by consultants, regardless of the circumstances, whether planned or unforeseen during the execution and delivery of the agreement. The client also acknowledges and accepts that this consideration is earned by consultants: (1) when the contract is executed and delivered by the customer and before the provision of a service under this contract; (2) partly as a result of Consultants` agreement to make its resources available for customer service and as stated in the interim statement and elsewhere; and (3) whether or not the client tries to terminate this agreement before the consultants provide services on the framework. If the client takes steps to terminate this contract or to recover consideration paid by the client or provided to consultants who have not been paid in the event of gross negligence or intentional misconduct by consultants, consultants are entitled to all fair remedies, consecutive damages and accessories available, as well as reasonable legal fees and fees.

, regardless of whether or not prosecutions are initiated. whether the client or advisors are predominant in such a lawsuit. Both the client and the advisor agree and recognize that if the agreement is violated by one of the parties, the non-injurious party is entitled to remedy the breach by a temporary or permanent injunction by the courts of [Sender.County], [Sender.State]. The non-injurious party is not responsible for the evidence of the injury and both parties agree that the non-injurious party will be able to provide a full copy of the financial advisory agreement and fully enforce it and enforce it by the court.