Separation Agreement Virginia Beach

If a separating or outgoing couple is able to achieve a peaceful dissolution on its own, a separation contract or an undisputed divorce may be cheaper and less emotional than a questionable divorce proceeding. A separation agreement includes the same details of a divorce, including custody of children, the heritage department and assistance to children and spouses. If there are few or no secondary elements, it may be a relatively small process. However, many couples are victims of hastily signed documents that compromise their rights to benefits or assistance or loss of their property and the right to certain marital property. The parties (husbands) sign the separation agreement. A separation agreement usually applies to third parties such as creditors, but third parties are not bound by the agreement. For example, parties have a common credit card with a credit of $5,000. The parties have not paid the credit card and it is in Denkasso. The agreement stipulates that the husband will repay the credit card within 90 days. The agreement does not alter or prevent the ability of the credit card company or collection agency to sue or recover the woman`s balance. But a well-written agreement gives the woman a remedy in case the man does not pay as promised. In the case of military separation, additional factors such as pension law play a role.

Military jag lawyers jag on military bases usually no draft separation agreement for military members or spouses, so it is important that you find independent legal assistance to represent your rights. In some cases, I can help clients get partial separation contracts. These documents will give direction for now, leaving room for a judge to decide the rest in the event of a divorce. For example, some spouses may agree on the custody and visitation of their children, but cannot agree on financial assistance (marriage assistance and/or child care). At East Coast Trial Lawyers, we have an experienced team of Virginia Beach Separation lawyers here to help, regardless of what your case involves. We can help you understand your legal possibilities and ensure that your rights remain fully protected.