Symantec Reseller Agreement

With a single Symantec Agreement Number (SAN), you can view, track, and manage your Symantec software license and renewal agreements. If you have non-technical questions about the Norton Partner Program, reseller-specific sales and marketing programs, the Norton PartnerNet site, or other Norton-related requests, you can contact Norton at To become a reseller, you must register as a member of the Norton Partner Program. To register, visit Norton PartnerNet and click “Request a partnership”. Create a new SymAccount or use your SymAccount user ID and password to log in. With advertising programs and a selection of effective marketing and distribution tools, we can help you grow your business. Search for solutions, search the Norton community, or contact us. Norton Partner Program helps you grow your business into new territories, build thriving customer relationships, and create new revenue streams. Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty with award-winning training materials and products.

With expertise in online security and one of the world`s largest threat intelligence networks, Norton helps you protect your customers without slowing them down. Tailored support programs will help you provide your customers with the help they need when they need it. Secure your revenue streams with Norton products and stay ahead of the competition with one of the leaders in Internet security. License Not for Resale (`NFR`) license of 180 days for its own use. Norton PartnerNet is the best place to support Norton resellers. After authorization (about 24-48 hours) you will receive a confirmation email for access to the site with your login and password. Take advantage of special offers and great prices – what you need to help your business. Fill in the requested information, accept the contract with the norton program, and then click Submit. Businesses of all sizes need to secure and manage large amounts of information — that amount is only increasing. Symantec is focused on eliminating information, technology, and process risks by securing your data. With a selection of licensing programs tailored to business requirements, we can recommend the best way to purchase Symantec security and availability software in combination with maintenance and support service options. The latest news and promotions for the latest Norton products.

Norton marketing materials and training resources. From Symantec Encryption to Symantec Data Loss Prevention to Symantec Endpoint Protection, the product line protects your network and files. The answer to the questions submitted is given within 4 to 5 working days. . . .