Track Access Agreement Schedule 8

Payments are made to train operators at the end of each four-week period. These payments are usually calculated automatically using formulas in each operator`s track access contracts with Network Rail. Tailor-made payments can be made for important goods to cover additional costs, such as additional train planning resources or driver/driver training, where the impact of extended ownership on passengers is mitigated by operating services diverted to new lines. In Annex 4, train operators are paid for the financial impact of planned service interruptions, where operators will have limited access to the network, mainly due to our engineering work. Payments are calculated to cover revenue losses from reduced ticket sales and costs for train operators, for example.B. for the operation of replacement buses. This section contains links to current decisions on access to railways and connection contracts. These include new contracts and amendments to ongoing contracts. See runway access decisions. When a train operator wants to access the national rail network, he needs a railway access contract with Network Rail. On this page, you will find out what you need to know. If you have any questions, please contact us.

The Schedule 4 regime compensates operators for the financial impact of planned assets for which they do not have access to the network due to Network Rail`s technical work. The templates of the agreement between Network Rail and the railway undertakings are available on the ORR website: in order to obtain the greatest value for the taxpayer resulting from the franchise competitions (and to protect non-franchised operators from risks that they cannot control directly), this risk is reduced by an automatic payment system aimed at placing train operators in a financially neutral position; if their trains cannot run as originally planned. This is the basis of the current ownership regime in the railway industry. This diet is called Shedule 4. . Charterers do not have a schedule 4 regime, as engineering property plans are usually agreed upon before planning the majority of charter services. To do this, we must maintain, renew and continuously improve the rail network. Our goal is to do this work in the most efficient way, while minimizing disruption to passengers. Proposed Schedule 8 for Franchised Passenger Operators (PDF). Details on payment calculations and performance targets can be found in the technical overview:.

Most passenger rail links in the UK are provided by long-term contracts between rail operators and the government (Department for Transport in England and Wales and Transport Scotland in Scotland). These contracts are called franchises….