Visual Studio Setup Project License Agreement

The RTF file must be in the file system view of the installation project. It is selected with the LicenseFile property. When you edit this property, a browser will appear to select files added to the file system view, as shown in Figure 6-11. Step 9: Select the license contract file in .rtf extension stored from your computer, then click the ok key as shown in the graph below: Note: Before adding A license contract file create a license file in .rtf (rich text format) on your computer. Merger module projects do not provide a user interface view. This is because fusion modules are designed to be merged into application installation files, and it`s up to the application to decide which interface should be available. Each page of the installation process is displayed in the user interface view by a node in one of the three phases. Visual Studio .NET does not allow you to view the pages as they are displayed, all editions are made using the properties window for each page. If you want to see how the pages are displayed, you need to create the installation project and run the file .msi yourself.

In simple applications, you don`t need to change the user interface. Whether you`re using the installation assistant or just creating an empty installation project, visual Studio .NET adds a basic user interface. The default user interface only offers an introductory screen, asks where to install the app, and then continues. It uses installation properties to set the name of your app where it`s needed and otherwise uses generic text, so you don`t even need to change any of the default character sequences. However, if the standard building plate is not done according to your wishes or if you want to collect user information during the installation process, you need to change the user interface. Maybe the VS project uses different bootstraper sites. I suggest searching all Visual Studio locations. Try searching for a package specific to Office Addin that is currently listed in the pre-requested ClickOnce modules.

Since the license agreement is only displayed by the bootstrapper if at least one pre-installation is provided for installation, you can view the license agreement when the MSI is launched. To prevent the EULA dialog box from appearing in the MSI, if it is already displayed in the boostrapper, you must display it under certain conditions via an ad… state. This option allows you to view a page of THE AUDIT ASSISTANCE IN THE REQUIS ASSISTANT. Select the RTF license file in the “EULA Path (.rtf)” field. If you`ve selected the “License Agreement” dialog box, use the “Properties” window to customize your app`s options as needed. The most important thing to define here is the “LicenseFile” property, which shows the text file containing the license agreement to display. Steps to add licensing agreements to the desktop installation application:Step 1: Click right on the installation project in the project folder explorer, then select the View->User Interface option as shown below: I added a new license dialog box, then I added the license file in the RTF format to the installation project and I specified the LicenseFile ownership of the License Pact dialog box.